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Parents: Don’t Give Up Your. . .

Back in July, Yahoo published a story that garnered national attention for all the wrong reasons. Kim, a 22-year-old college student, had called into “The Bert Show, ” an Atlanta radio program to discuss her current financial plight and seek the hosts’ advice. With one year to go in her […]

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Manage Your Online Persona

I was under attack. The year was 1999 and I was engaged in a battle for interstellar domination in the online strategy game StarCraft. I was in a 2 v 2 battle and the opposing team decided to concentrate their attack on me, with the hope of wiping me off […]

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Undermining the Myth: All Scholarships are Created Equal

Little kids love coins. The size, look, feel, color and sound are enough to captivate the imagination of little ones for a while. What’s even better is that when they are still young enough, children do not care at all for the coin’s value. Children do not discriminate against the […]

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The Scholarship Mindset

College football season is in full swing and last night I had the opportunity to watch my Vols play the Oklahoma Sooners. As a Vol fan this was the type of game I had wanted to see for years.  For over three quarters the Volunteer defense frustrated and punished OU’s […]

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