Christian W. Messemer

Christian W. Messemer
Christian W. MessemerScholarship Expert

About Me

Degrees & Certifications

  • PhD in Residence, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, expected graduation 2016
  • Master of Divinity, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, May 2010
  • Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, The University of Tennessee (May 2002)

Authored Materials

  • “Toward a Debt Free Degree” COMING SOON
I have been married eleven years to my wife Matia, my co-laborer and a Human Resources professional, who helps to fund my educational and entrepreneurial habits. We have two children: Anna (four) and AJ (two). In addition to this lively crew we have Sadie, a six year old stray we adopted in April of 2015.
A native Tennessean and former financial planner, I moved to Fort Worth Texas with my wife Matia in 2007 in order to pursue theological training that would prepare me for full-time vocational ministry. A Master of Divinity degree turned into a PhD pursuit, which led to the development of my scholarship system. Most often, you can find me at home working on my dissertation, or Scholarship Shepherd.
My faith in Triune God and acknowledgment of Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior provides the foundation out of which my entire life flows. My marriage, my family, my ministry, and my vocation all find their vitality in Him.

It should come as no surprise that I love to grow in my knowledge of theology and personal finance. I am particularly excited when I get to integrate the two and most happy when I get to speak and teach others about these two arenas. When Fall arrives, you can usually find me in front of the TV enjoying my favorite sport, college football. And, if I am really lucky UT (the real One, those Vols up in Knoxville) will be putting together a strong season. I would love to tell you I am some stellar athlete or a scratch golfer, but right now, I am just happy to get my 10,000 steps as counted by my FitBit. Maybe one day, but not until my dissertation is complete.