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Christian Messemer is the founder of Scholarship Shepherd, and an expert in the scholarship search and application process, having paid for his Master's and doctoral degrees using external scholarships. He works with students, parents, and administrators assisting in the creation of programs and educational resources, which enable students interested in pursuing scholarship opportunities to be fully prepared for the application process.

The Scholarship Mindset

College football season is in full swing and last night I had the opportunity to watch my Vols play the Oklahoma Sooners. As a Vol fan this was the type of game I had wanted to see for years.  For over three quarters the Volunteer defense frustrated and punished OU’s […]

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Dealing With Debt: Deferment Options

When I enrolled in my Master’s program after five years as a financial planner, I considered taking advantage of an option within my loan agreement called loan deferment. The deferment option would have allowed me to postpone my monthly payments for the duration of my approved deferment. Due to my […]

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Dealing With Debt: Paying Your Accrued Interest While in School

In my last three posts I focused on how to evaluate your finances in order to make the proper funding decisions concerning your education. My end goal is always the same, I want to see students graduate with the degree, but not saddled with the debt. If my example on […]

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Making Funding Decisions (Part III)

In my past two posts, I have been working with you on developing a budget for your upcoming academic year. This entailed, first, examining your funding inflows and, second, developing a detailed list of your expenses. Now, we are going to combine the information you have been aggregating these past […]

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Making Funding Decisions (Part II)

Last week I began a three part series on budgeting for the upcoming academic year. That post focused on the inflow portion of your budget, i.e. what you have currently available or pledged in order to meet your upcoming expenses. Now that you know what you have as a means […]

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Making Funding Decisions (Part I)

Like it or not, budgets provide a great starting point for long term fiscal responsibility. With only a month to go until most colleges are back in session, now is the perfect time to assess where you are financially for the upcoming academic year. Hopefully you already have a firm […]

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A Frank Discussion On Debt

With the start of another academic year right around the corner, chances are you have already made the financial arrangements necessary to pay for another year of education. If you are like most students, debt, be it through student loans or a credit card was the dominant method of payment. […]

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Fill Out That FAFSA!

I know what you are probably thinking, “why would a site devoted to helping students find scholarships and avoiding student debt want to even mention the possibility of filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA),” an application that forms the basis for the student loan programs offered […]

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Write Your Story: The Stay-at-Home Mom Returning to School

Last week, I wrote about a friend of mine, a stay-at home mom, who is returning to school after a lengthy hiatus. She was looking to see what scholarship opportunities might currently be available for students seeking last minute funding for the upcoming semester. Unfortunately, I had to tell her […]

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Starting Strong

I received a call last week from a friend of mine who just recently made the decision to return to school and complete her degree in business management. She is trying to avoid taking on any student loan debt and was reaching out to me, asking if I had any […]

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